Boston Consulting Group

technology: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visual Studio, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

For nearly three years, Feb. 2015-Dec. 2017, I designed and developed a large quantity of interactive topic maps for knowledge teams at Boston Consulting Group.

Due Diligence

Each topic map is a part of a series of topic maps across the entire BCG network. Topic maps typically link to more than a dozen other topic maps.

Customer Journey

Topic maps were designed in collaboration with a Project Manager and BCG stakeholders.

Luxury, Fashion, and Beauty

Most topic maps had a turnaround of two days or less. Very often, clients had a limited budget and the work had to be completed in less than 5 billable hours.

Boston Consulting Group

The subject matter of topic maps varied greatly. Some focused on technology best practices while others focused on financial planning, asset management, market trends, or business opportunities.

Innovation Analytics

Usability is paramount for the topic maps with focus on legibility and accessibility. All topic maps had to meet BCG brand guidelines for color, fonts, etc. If desired, custom icons and graphics were created as vector artwork. On occasion, I collaborated with graphic designers and illustrators at BCG for their custom icons.

Marketing, Sales, and Pricing

Each topic map is based on HTML5 and CSS3 with supplimental JavaScript when needed.

Data, Tools, and Analytics

Topic maps also had to meet technical limitations of the BCG Navigator environment. Each topic map had to meet restrictions such as a maximum 700 pixel width along with limited use of frameworks and plug-ins.

Corporate Project Management Team